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Pavé & Paysagiste Boisbriand is proud to offer complete « TURN-KEY » projects to its clients.  These projects are executed to the highest standards of the industry.

To achieve these high standard projects, Pave & Paysagiste Boisbriand has chosen specific, reliable and professional partners, in consideration of giving the the clients, the best service at the lowest possible cost

Our partners:


Logo partenaire

1555, rue Joinville
Laval, QC
H7P 5S9

 Cédric Vallée
Cell: 438 403-1550
Tél.: 450 971-5077


Logo partenaire

3157, Bd Dagenais O
Laval, QC
H7P 1T8

Yvan Dagenais
Cell: 514 821-1661
Tel.: 450 622-3533

Paysagement et Plantation

Logo partenaire

613, Chemin Principal
Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Qc
J0N 1M0

Martin Laviolette
Cell: 514 594-6887
Fax.: 450 472-9739

Piscines et Spas

Logo partenaire

1547, rue Joinville
Laval, Qc
H7P 5S9

Patrice L’Heureux
Cell: 514 809-2496
Tél.: 450 434-4181
Fax: 450 628-4637

We use high quality products for our outdoor landscaping projects

Using quality products for your landscaping projects is essential in order to get outstanding results. That’s why we only use superior quality products.

At Pavé & Paysagiste Boisbriand, we are proud to offer you quality products from renowned brands such as Permacon, Techo-Bloc and the prestigious La Pierre Monterra line-up. Our main distributor is Betobloc, located in Laval.

At Pavé & Paysagiste Boisbriand, we work with the best in polymeric sand brands. Polymeric sand is a unique mix of polymer binders and calibrated sand. The reaction from the mix makes the polymeric sand very firm and solidifies pavement joints. It stabilizes the pavers and is as efficient on horizontal surfaces as inclined ones. It helps, among other things, to prevent the growth of weeds and also prevents damage caused by insects. It also helps to prevent wind, rain and frost erosion.

If you would like to browse the various product line-ups our partners offer, visit their website by clicking on their respective logo.

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